When Zalando purchased Bread&Butter,
they knew it needed change

It had to feel fun

It had to feel fresh

But most of all

it had to feel fashionable

We created a whole new concept

combining incredible architecture

exclusive fashion shows

and the hottest crowd in town

That's how we took Bread&Butter from Tradeshow

to Trend Show

In 2016, Nike's vision was

We helped them take that
message to Bread&Butter...

...with an incredible live
training experience...

...and some great support

When a new product line is
all about bad weather...

...you have to make getting wet...

...more fun than staying dry

Leather shoes are always so serious

We thought it was time
for a change

Time for a dose of...

The Surreal

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler, Lena Schäfers
Art Direction – Agathe Nicolas
Set Design – David Kemmler, Rafaela Kacunic
Photography – Jonas Lindström

The future means different things
to different people

Nike asked us to tell the story
of the future of football

So we built them an epic retail concept
that took people on a journey

From the streets...

...to the stadium

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Claudia Rafael
Set Design – Christian Weinecke, David Kemmler
Photography – Achim Hatzius, Maxime Ballesteros
Artist – Dirk Bonn

Think you can't move in leather shoes?

Think again

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Marek Polewski
Photography – Till Janz
Videography – I AM JOHANNES

How do you give a physical presence
to a brand that's 100% digital?

A brand with no stores...

...no shop windows...

...and no space of its own

You create them something entirely new

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Claudia Rafael
Photography – Eva Baales
Set Design – David Kemmler

TOPSHOP & Zalando:
Two fashion giants in one historic partnership

But how to announce this to the world?

Just ask Cara Delevingne.

She helped us take that message to millions.

Creative Director – Chang Lin
Art Direction – Zalando
Concept Creation – Kemmler Kemmler, Zalando
Film Director – Gordon von Steiner
Video Generation Technology – Wonderlandmovies GmbH
Web Development – Kopfwelt GmbH

In America, everyone knows GAP

But Europeans?
Not so much

So we produced a campaign that
spelled it out to them

In images everyone could understand

Creative Director – Katharina Kemmler
Art Director – Claudia Rafael
Photography – Stefan Heinrichs

Sloppy sneaker culture...
It's a big, ugly problem

Zign asked us to help fix it

Our goal?

Remind people how much edgier,
sexier, smarter and cooler
leather shoes are than sneakers

And then get them to make the switch

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Marek Polewski, Claudia Rafael
Photography – Jamie Morgan
Videography – Rio Grande, Nick Chard

A hard-hitting footwear collection
needs a hard-hitting launch party

And what hits harder than a night of boxing?

Especially when the fighters are
wearing shoes like these...

How does a 21st Century fashion
brand create a sense of nostalgia?

We wrote them a
modern day fairytale...

...and found a unique
voice to tell it

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Marek Polewski
Photography – Eva Baales
Video Director – Esteban Studio

When an entire country is set
against buying fashion online

You have to be very persuasive
to change their minds

It took three
Grand Dames

With a combined
age of 226 years

To convince the
people of Austria

To stop being so old fashioned

(It worked)

Creative Director – Chang Lin
Creative Concept – Kemmler Kemmler, We Make, Studio VIE
Art Direction – Zalando, Kemmler Kemmler, We Make, Studio VIE
Film Director – Bode Brodmüller
Still Life Photography – Elfie Semotan

Denim is a dirty business

DAWN is the world's first
truly clean & fairtrade jeansmaker

We built them a complete brand

Always keeping one thing in mind

For denim to sell...

...it has to be sexy

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Marek Polewski
Photography – Stefan Heindrichs

Qbo is the connoisseur's
coffee maker

They asked us to help them take
on the market leader

We built a campaign around
one observation:

Coffee drinkers used to
want convenience...

...but now they want control

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Marek Polewski
Photography – Gerhard Kellermann

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Claudia Rafael
Photography – Till Janz

When KIOMI asked us to shoot a lookbook
they gave just one instruction:

Make sure it looks good

We delivered

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler, Lydia Gries
Art Direction – Rita Braz
Photography – Thomas Lohr

When it comes to denim

Nothing looks sexier...

...than a clean conscience

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Marek Polewski
Photography – Sabrina Theissen

How do you launch a new sneaker
in the post-Internet age?


You just need the right message...

...the right medium...

...and the right choice of spokespeople

Nike's first EVER
Snapchat campaign

Art Direction – Rafaela Kacunic
Concept Creation – Joey Challier

Creativity is a big
part of life at zLabels

We helped them develop a
program to encourage that

Four designers were given
total creative freedom

The question: were their
ideas really Too Cool To Sell?

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Claudia Rafael
Photography – Haw-lin Services
Videography – Haw-lin Services

When you think about 'Eco Fashion'
What comes to mind?

Is it cool?

Is it fashionable?

Is it sexy?

Our campaign was all those things...

...and more

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Claudia Rafael
Photography – Till Janz
Artist – Patrick Wichtler

To celebrate a new season at
Breuninger's brand new Düsseldorf store...

...we teamed up with
Sara Illenberger...

...to create something BIG

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Set Design – Sarah Illenberger

Fire + Ice:
A movie with serious cult legacy

Bognor asked us to help celebrate that

We gave them 14 special edition T-shirts
designed by leading creatives and athletes

Plus a launch party they'll never forget...

Creative Direction – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Claudia Rafael
Retail Design – Dirk Bonn
Photography – Felipe Barbosa
Artists – Westbam, Carsten Fock, Dirk Bonn, Niki Pauls
Dance Performance – Flying Steps

School chairs?

Not exactly an exciting topic

Unless, of course...

...you get Oliviero Toscani
to shoot your campaign

Creative Direction – Florian Lambl
Concept Creation – Katharina Kemmler
Art Direction – Lambl/Homburger
Photography – Oliviero Toscani


Where does a 'style conscious man' go...

...once he gets a 'grown up job'?

We created the answer.

Set Design – David Kemmler

is a new breed of creative agency

We speak in Culture
We think in Mobile
We believe in Beauty

The agency was founded five years ago by
Katharina and Sebastian Kemmler, and in that time has grown
to more than 20 people covering various disciplines.

We are full-service creative agency focused on fashion
and design brands. From brand strategy to campaigns,
social media and influencer marketing, to physical retail
architecture - we do it all under one roof.

We specialise in
innovative campaigns tailored for
the mobile & digital audience

these days, that means everybody

Großbeerenstr. 71
D –10963 Berlin

+49 30 346497000

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